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XXV Rallye Elba Storico -Trofeo Locman Italy: ready to start the engines

18-09-2013 15:00 - Archive
XXV Rallye Elba Storico -Trofeo Locman Italy: ready to start the engines

From tomorrow until Saturday, Isola d´Elba will be the European Capital of historic rallies.
Much expectation for the Italian Championship Event, which may assign the 2013 title and great attention to the "circus" of the continental race.
The headquarters will be in Capoliveri, in the exclusive Hotel Elba International.
On the social network Facebook and Twitter will be possible follow the race through the hashtag #RallyeElbaStorico.

Almost all of the competitors and their respective teams have landed on the island, the serious business is therefore now going to start with route reconnaissance, and tomorrow night the race will start and will end on Saturday 21st September in the afternoon.

The XXV Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy is therefore ready to offer three days of great sport and entertainment, celebrating greatly its mid-twenties, its " Silver Anniversary " with the sport. It´s been several days that we talk about success, 119 crews, divided into 102 for the Rallye and 17 for the " Graffiti " premises that give this discipline another page of memorable story, worthy continuation of the tradition of the Historic Rallye Elba.

The race will be the tenth event of the FIA European Historic Rally Championship and penultimate event of the Italian Championship, while the "Graffiti", eligible for the FIA Trophy for Regularity Rallies, will be the fifth of the seven races on the calendar. The latter is the specialty of the continental championship, evolution of the "classic" regularity, more competitive where rankings are based on passage checks, passage controls and tests defined as "precision test".

The rally, in addition to its sporting tradition will continue this year more than ever its role as ambassador for the Elba Island because it promotes the image, communication and also the economic fallout with the emotional tourism. To give force to the forementioned, there are 12 foreign nations represented: Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland. To them, Elba Island, as well as the sporting moment, will offer all its beauty, certainly a great business card in addition to the rally itself.

After Rally Alpi Orientali Historic in late August, the European and Italian classifications have suffered several quakes and also given several confirmations. If the european competition is still open, the Italian championship might stop right on the Island.

From the "European" point of view, in Category 1, Luigi Zampaglione (Porsche 911) will try to take advantage of the absence of the Swedish Bergquist that has the same points, in Category 2, is more or less the same leitmotif : the Swedish Mats Myrsell (Porsche 911 ) will try to stretch the pursuer, the Finnish Heikkila, that will not take the start of the Rallye Elba and of this absence will take advantage also the Estonian Villu Mattik (Vaz 2101), currently third in the standings just ahead of the friulan Pietro Corredig, that runs with the BMW 2002 Ti, who is also looking to score some points that can make him climb the rankings.

In Category 3, the German leader Anton Werner (Audi Quattro) definitely will engage in the duel with the Austrian Karl Wagner (Porsche 911) that follows him in the standings, and the Italian Carlo Marenzana, third in the partial classification, will take advantage of the technical Special Stages of Elba to improve its listing.

In Category 4, reserved to the unforgotten Group B of the eighties, the fight will be tough. Among those who will start Elba could "hide" the future winner of the XXV Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy. From Brescia, "Pedro" (Lancia 037), winner of the 2012 edition as well as the european title, and then continue with the senese Alberto Salvini (Audi Quattro A2), or with Enrico Brazzoli from Cuneo (Lancia 037). "Pedro" also looks to the economy of the European classification, for which he will try to stretch the Norwegian Walter Jensen (Lancia 037). Then there are other "names" to be taken into account for the top of the rankings, such as Luigi Marchionni (Porsche 911) or Raoul Marco Domenicali (Porsche 911), ready to reach immediately the top of a race that has always inspired them.

The Island of Elba could see awarded the title of 2013. For the overall classification, the fight especially is between two: Matteo Musti from Pavia (Porsche 911) and Lucio Da Zanche from Valtellina (Porsche 911), past champion. But we have to pay attention to the always brilliant young Nicholas Montini (Porsche 911) and also to Davide Negri from Biella (Porsche 911), returning from four wins, the last one in Friuli later this month. These last two are not too far from the top and are ready to take advantage of the slightest hesitation to rake in some serious points. In the CSAI Category 1, Luigi Capsoni (Renault Alpine A110) books the title, missing its direct rivals, Giuliani and Parisi. In CSAI Category 2 the championship situation is much more intricate, with the leader Da Zanche that will guard against attacks as well as by Nicholas Montini and Maurizio Elia, at the start with a less powerful Ford Escort RS. But pay attention to Negri himself and also to Riccardo Andreis, who also drives a Porsche 911, ready to pull up specific points. In CSAI Category 3 is firmly in command Musti, for which the road to the title is certainly more open than for those who are behind in the standings, as Luca Cattilino, with an Opel Kadett GT / E.

"Presences" that will also make news are those of some of the strongest lady driver who populated the Italian rally of all time: from Isabella Bignardi at the start with an Opel Kadett GT / E, to " Micky " Martinelli (Opel Ascona SR). There will also be another great rally champion of the eighties: Federico Ormezzano at the start with the car that has most identified him, a Talbot Lotus 2.2. Then we will see the debut of the Talbot Samba Group B ex - Brozzi who will be lead for the first time by the young Tuscan Cristiano Matteucci; back on the island that saw them as protagonists in the eighties Alessandro Ancona (Ford Escort RS) and Piergiorgio Barsanti (Opel Kadett GT / E) and also Natalino Melani (Citroen Visa), Marco Galullo (Lancia Fulvia HF), "Lo Ciao" (Fiat 127 Sport), Massimo Giudicelli (VolksWagen Golf GTI) and many others.

In the "Elba Graffiti", all eyes on the Anglo Irish couple formed by Joe Reynolds and Iain Tullie on a Mini Morris. They are the provisional leaders and in this case must duel with their pursuers, Michael and Sebastian Haberl, from Austria, at the start with a Porsche 911. Pay attention to the desire to do well by Paolo Mercattilj (Porsche 911), third in the ranking.

The Rallye Elba is a prestigious setting. The Trophy organisers know this very well and come to the Island with the desire to give value to their initiatives. It is the most brilliant example the lucky A112 Abarth Trophy, which on this occasion will propose the distinction of being the only rally that will take each Leg as a race itself, with a clear benefit to the competition and the entertainment. The challenge is open between Lisa Meggiarin with Anna Ferro and Giorgio Santagiuliana with Matteo Zoso.

The current leader of the Trophy, who already mathematically won the CSAI Female Trophy, teams again with Anna Ferro and will have to deal with the friend/enemy. Everything will be played in two Legs and for Meggiarin the task gets tough as it will have three results to be discarded because the Regulation foresees the counting of the six best scores. To make things difficult there will be Tiziano and Francesca Nerobutto, who return on the island which last year gave them the victory, and also Giorgio Sisani, which was the winner of the 2011 Trophy, won at Rallye Elba.

There will also be the Challenge Rally Autostoriche 2013, the Memory Nino Fornaca (which on Elba will close the mini racing circuit dedicated to the memory of the unforgettable PR disappeared 16 years ago now) and the Coppa Rally Storici Porsche-Michelin which will be the last act.

Competition, exciting duels with the cars that have made the history of racing and even culture. The added value of the Rallye Elba Storico has always been these and this 2013, to continue the tradition of excellence has struggled in greater way to draw the path. A difficulty was, for example, the fact that the traditional special stage "Parata - Falconaia" was partially unusable, for which it was due to find an alternative.
A new look inspired by the past is ready to give vibratory sensations to the crews, who will, however, find a fun track and mainly technical, where you will also have a higher percentage of special stages compared to the liasons.
There are again three days of challenges, with a total number of 14 special stages, two more than in the 2012 edition.

Since 2011 the headquarters moved in Capoliveri, location since 2010 of a special stage that passes through the village, which will also be repeated this year. The Rallye Elba will also touch Porto Azzurro, location of the modern event of the rally that takes place in the spring.
The headquarter of the event is confirmed in Capoliveri, at the functional and exclusive facility of the Hotel Elba International, where you can admire the Gulf of Porto Azzurro: there will be organized the Race Direction, the Secretariat and the Press Office.

It will start tomorrow evening, Thursday 19th September: from 20,00 competitors will start from Piazza Matteotti in Capoliveri and will immediately run two special stages, as mentioned on the "Volterraio" and "Capoliveri". Then, the competitors will enter the regrouping from 22,31. The second day of competition, Friday 20th September, which will start at 08,01, provides for another six special stages, with the end of Leg 1 at 16.14, again in Capoliveri. The next day, Saturday 21st September, the grand finale, with a further six timed sections: the challenge will start at 08.30 and the checkered flag, always in Capoliveri, will be flown from 16.00. The rally is long 484.860 km, of which 138.210 are timed, i.e. 28.51 % of the kilometrage.

Locman Italy, Moby Spa, Co¬mune di Capoliveri, Eni, Grafiche Ilca, Ac¬qua dell´Elba, Hotel Elba International and certainly Au¬tomobile Club Li¬vorno, also for the 2013 edition of the race will be at the side of the organisation confirming their strong passion for sport car and especially for the Rallye Elba Storico.

On the social network Facebook and Twitter will be possible follow the race through the hashtag #RallyeElbaStorico


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