16 Ottobre 2021


03/08/2015: Opening date for entries

04/09/2015: Closing date for entries

12/09/2015: Road Book issued to Competitors (c/o Delegazione Automobile Club Livorno, V.le Elba - Portoferraio) from 09.00 to 12.00 and from 14/9/2015 (c/o Race Direction, Hotel Elba International Loc. Naregno - Capoliveri), from 09.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.30

16/09/2015: Start of reconnaissance from 09.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00, and 17/09/2015, from 10.00 to 15.00

10.00 Capoliveri, c/o Hotel Elba International: First stewards’ meeting
11.00-15.30 c/o Comune di Capoliveri, Viale Australia: Administrative checking and 11.30-16.00 Capoliveri, Viale Italia, Scrutineering (Capoliveri, viale Italia) according to the following schedule (Any delay will be penalised with a fine of 10,00 Euro for every minute with max Euro 250,00):
Race NumberSporting ChecksScrutineering
cars 1 - 25 (11.00-12.00) (11.30-12.30)
cars 26 - 49 (12.01-13.00) (12.31-13.30)
cars 51 - 85 (13.01-14.00) (13.31-14.30)
cars 86 - 109 (14.01-15.00) (14.31-15.30)
cars from 111 (15.01-15.30) (15.31-16.00)

17.00:List of crews admitted to start and exact start times
18.00: Ceremonial Start (Capoliveri, Piazza Matteotti)
18.30:Cars enter start park (Capoliveri, Viale Australia)
19.00:Start of 1st leg (Capoliveri, Piazza Matteotti)

14.40:End of 1st leg (Capoliveri, Viale Australia) - Parc Fermé
18.00:Publication of partial unofficial classification of 1st leg
18.30:Publication of starting order for 2nd leg

08.30:Start of 2nd leg (Capoliveri, Viale Australia).
15.35:Finish of 2nd leg (Capoliveri, Piazza Matteotti) - Prize-giving on the ramp - Parc Fermé
15.45:Final checks
17.00: Publication of provisional final classification

19/09/2015 at 17.30 Capoliveri, c/o Hotel Elba International: Press Conference

19/09/2015 at 20.30 Prize-giving of special prizes and dinner (Capoliveri, Piazza Matteotti)

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