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The XXIII Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy is ready to turn the engines

22-09-2011 17:30 - Archive
PRESS RELEASE NUMBER 06 - Capoliveri (Livorno), September 22, 2011

The XXIII Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy is ready to turn the engines
From tonight it will race with the first two special stages, including one in the town of Capoliveri, the headquarters of the event this year. 112 crews are admitted for the rally, 32 for the "Graffiti".

The XXIII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy, the seventh round of the FIA European Historic Rally, the seventh also the specialty of the Italian Championship, scheduled until the afternoon of Saturday, September 24, start today in the evening.
After the record of entries, 149, divided into 114 for the Rally and 35 for the "Graffiti", now it´s up to the road and the chronometer to give their verdicts for a challenge that promises to be particularly rich in ideas.
During the morning, with the comfort of a beautiful backdrop of a typically summer sun is the administrative checks and scrutineers are carried out, with which the event is definitely entered in "atmosphere".
Crews checked for the rally are 112, only two defections, represented by Pierangelo Rossi and Maurizio Pagella, two drivers which could have been exalted in a location such as Elba.
For the record, foreign crews entered and verified are eighteen, with arrivals from Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Norway, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland and San Marino also considering, confirming the international character of the XXIII Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy.

By rallyrevival.it, during the checks, the comments of some of those that are listed as among the probable protagonists of the three competition days in Elba were heard:
- Da Zanche, Porsche 911 RS: "Elban roads are very treacherous, we will run with the perspective of the Italian Championship standing, our race will conduct aimed at controlling our opponents. So we start from the first special stage both to test the car and see the pace of others. The first special stage of today, "Capoliveri" though very short, is full of pitfalls, but in any case, also in this rally the challenge between Porsche and Lancia Rally 037 will be renewed, which until now has always seen the Porsche stand in front of the Lancia. "
- Domenicali, Porsche 911 SC: "Our targets for this Rallye are, first, trying to complete this race, as in last 2 editions we dropped out. In any case we´ll try to stay ahead of the others, and already by the evidence of tonight, we will understand the race rhythm that we can keep until Saturday. "
- Bosurgi, Porsche 911 SC: " as for the Rally Alpi Orientali, also this is for us a new race, over many years of militancy in the rallies I missed all the races I´m doing this year, so this is a really interesting experience. Here there are a lot of interesting and fast competitors, and we are here to learn, thinking to the Championship of next year "
- Janota, Opel Kadett GTE group 4:" After our somersault in the first special stage of Rally Alpi Orientali, which forced us to face the two days race in Udine with a not correctly setted up car, we are In Elba looking to the European Championship standing, and then we hope to lead a good race beginning from the special stages already this evening. The rally is very long and the roads are very treacherous. "
- Bianchini, Lancia Rally 037: "After the Rally Alpi Orientali, we have learned many things on how to conduct our Lancia Rally 037, which is completely different from a Lancia Stratos. We have developed with my co-driver Baldaccini a new way of calling the notes, so we are very carefree, and I think we have a lot of answers on this adventure began on the Lancia 037.
- Jensen, Lancia 037 Rally: "We are here to try to have fun but if good times arrive, they´re welcome."
- "Pedro", Lancia Rally 037: "My predictions on this race, are those of try to drive well the car after the Rally Alpi Orientali which was my first time I used this car in the race. At the "Alpi" I did not really think to going so strong at first, and so even if I don´t know the stages here on Elba, I will try to play a good game. We suffer a little because we have a high starting number, because we run the risk of having high affected time. Let´s see how our car will behave on the Elban asphalt".
- Bigoni, Talbot Lotus: "We hope to have solved the problems that had plagued us throughout the Rally Alpi Orientali and finally here we have a good race."
- "Lo Ciao," Fiat 127 Sport: "We love this rally, we have a good feeling with the car and hope that everything goes well until Saturday."
- Perez, Lancia Stratos: "We really like this rally and we really like the Island of Elba, we are here to make a good race, but, most of all, to have fun and finish the rally."
- Liukkonen, Ford Escort RS: "Our car is not very suitable for quick stages of this rally, but we will try to do a good rally, starting already from the stages of this evening."

The race is made by 14 special stages. Paths are "historic", which saw more than one occasion, high-impact sporting feats.
It will start this evening: from 20.00 in Piazza Matteotti in Capoliveri competitors must compete immediately with two special stages, among which there will be a short "Capoliveri", arrived in great demand in 2010 due to strong interest shown by the City, who asked to join "the race", certainly a prelude to this edition, in which Capoliveri has the burden and honor of hosting the headquarters. The stage is short and very technical and partly follows the route of the famous old SS "Innamorata". Then, competitors will enter the regroupment in the night starting at 22.20.
The second day of competition, tomorrow Friday, Sept. 23, which will leave at 08.00, provides for another six special stages, with the final day at 17.03, always in Capoliveri. The next day, Saturday 24 September, the grand finale, with a further six SS: the challenges will start at 07,45 and the checkered flag, in Capoliveri, flown in from 16.35 hours.
In total, the rally so far 523.550 km, 147.580 of which are timed, ie 28.19% of the distance.

As just happened in 2009 and 2010, also for the 2011 edition the Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy will have its own live direct on internet by the specialized website www.rallyrevival.it. During the competition days will be possible to follow the race "live" with news, interviews and trivia, along with many photos that will be took during the special stages.

Locman Italy, Moby Spa, Eni, Ip, Provincia di Livorno, Comune di Capoliveri, Acqua dell´Elba exclusive essences of a unique land, Hotel Elba International for the 2011 edition of the race will be on the side of the organization confirming their strong passion for sport car and especially for the Rallye Elba.


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