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The XXII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: a dream route with the "gem" of Capolivery.

15-09-2010 - Archive
From the nexts 16 to 18 September , valid for the European and Italian historical Rally Championship.
The XXII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: a dream route with the "gem" of Capolivery.
Waiting for the growing wave of the flag for starting the race, there is a path bound to the
tradition but always ready to offer new ideas, like the Special Stage "inside" Capoliveri.
Thursday, September the 16, at 16:00 the press conference at the Select Hotel in Marina di Campo.

Livorno, 14 September 2010

Now miss few hours to see and hear the engines turn and admire the challenges of the twentytwo Rallye Elba Storico Trofeo Locman Italy.
At this time the protagonists of the Italian and European historical Rally Championship are carrying on the largest island of Tuscany ready to face at the best the eighth round of the European Historical Rally Championship and the penultimate of the Italian series of specialty, planned for next weekend, September the 16 to the 18.
Also this year it has been seen a great number of participants, with 123 members, divided into 86 for the really and 37 for Regularity "Graffiti".
The first ment of "official" event will take place on Thursday, Sept. The 16, at 16.00 with the press conference of the presentation held at the Select Hotel in Marina di Campo.

What ACI Livorno Sports is going to propose will be as usual an event full of technical and sportiv ideas of great value. This year more than ever it takes on a global value" between fourteen nationalities represented there will be at the starting line a competitor who comes from Canada.

Pilots and copilots are also going to come from Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Norway, Monaco, Czech Republic, Republic of San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland. Scroll through the list members spread in the morning today impressives challenges are announced as the best interpreters of the two leagues that are almost taking part. In addition, the race will be supported as usual by the 37 cars of the participants Elba Graffiti regularity sport. Even in this case the island appointment of what the regoularists love most in the regular national context.

Following the great success of participation in previous seasons and of the strong fans and professionals´s consensus (twelve nations represented among the competitors in 2009, 6000 units about the recorded movement of these various roles in the event) the race will be presented with some exciting news regarding the race course, structured over three days, from the evening of Thursday 16th in the afternoon of Saturday, September 18.

A race full of history, which brings to the mind the roaring times rally. The Rallye Elba is simply this, the essence of the specialty. Therefore, to confirm the rich tradition has been taken a path that is inspired by the past but still looks to current and perhaps to future. The Elba streets, in fact, that seem designed just for a car competition, offer also to the 2010 significant technical cues and sports.

The great return of the Rally Capoliveri, on Thursday, September the 16, 2010

Special Stage # 1 - "two hills" (11.600 km)
Step theoretical 1 competitor: 16 / 9 hours 21:42
Road Closure: from 20:30 to 23:45

Proof more varied.
Born from two tests that have made the history of the rally, those who ride the "Colle Monumento " and the "Colle Reciso", is divided into several parts with varying profiles and asphalt.
The first part, which starts in Filetto and then move to the Provincial Monumento, is a fast road which rise up to the top of the hill itself, which highlights the power of the engines. Then, the road begins to descend on a good asphalt until the village of Lacona. Suddenly the test leaves the provincial and goes to interest a path inside the village itself where sets out an initial fast section and a second one narrow and demanding, with the asphalt that is slightly dirty.
The trial then enter the path of the "Colle Reciso" with a slight but fast climb before the brow before the final descent, in a mixed fast and twisty.
Apart from the first metres in Filetto and the phase of the crossing Lacona asphalt is good.
It is held at night.

Special Stage 2 - "CAPOLIVERI (4.690 km)
Step 1, theoretical competitor: 16 / 9 22.30
Road closure: from 21:00 on the 16 / 9 at 1:00 of the 17 / 9

Try the least known.
Following the interest of municipalities and of a large group of fans, Capoliveri will again hear the roar engines´s cars racing with a special stage of historical Rally Elba .

In the world of rally has already happened that a special test began or ended on the outskirts of a town or city has already happened and that they were suburbs of towns crossed by a special test strip, but in the case of Capoliveri that is very different.

The departure will take place at the edge of the town center and then continue along the perimeter of the southern slope overlooking the "Golfo Stella", then entering the city center, past the main square, along the narrow streets, forcing competitors to sudden up and down no blind corners with no sharp corners and steps to the edge of the road, really tricky obstacles where the minimum driving error could easily compromise the integrity of the car and the continuation of their race.
The special stage is 4.6 km, then relatively short, but in the opinion of experts, highly technical and with a high degree of difficulty, the urban section allows no respite for the drivers and their navigators from the continuous succession of curves and fatigue worsened, the fund variously disconnected or subject to change angle, all at night to increase the degree of spectacular event.

There will be over 30 marshals to ensure the proper conduct of the trial, which will support security officers who will have the task of showing the large audience expected, the most suitable places from which to witness the event. In this regard it is worth pointing out that the numerous flights of steps that the country´s rise from the ring toward the center therefore, are natural steps, ensuring security and visibility to viewers.

The emergency service will be secured by two ambulances with doctor on board and 2 fire trucks, two trucks and vehicles with towing cables to remove any damaged cars along the route and several units of law enforcement to ensure compliance public safety.
A small army of more than 100 men and women who work in unison to provide competitors with the same emotions of those who run the circuit of Monaco, while the public does not assist with the replacement of 22 racing cars, but to over 90, for a total of almost 2 hours of pure entertainment on the unique characteristics of the route.

To enrich the exhibition will also present the photographic exhibition, models and objects "Capoliveri and history of Rally Elba", edited by David Cote, installed in the spaces below the central square. Still in Piazza Matteotti, on Thursday evening, waiting for the departure of the special stage, will take place the projection of films first editions of Elba rally, while on Friday in addition to the symbolic graduation of the best in the test of Capoliveri and to the projections will also include the market for local products "Archipelago 0 km".

Special Stage 3 / 6 - "Monument" (5.900 km)
Step 1, theoretical competitor: 17 / 9 hours 09:12 to 12:46
Road closure: from 08.00 to 15.00

An example of a faked "PIESSE"
Interested in the first 6 km of PS 1. Ends before reaching the village of Lacona.

Special Stage 4 / 7 - "RIO-CABLE (6.260 km)
Step 1, theoretical competitor: 17 / 9 hours 10:10 to 13:44
Road closure: from 09:00 to 16:00

The fastest special stage.
The altitude is slightly variable, the test starts with a slight uphill before ending slightly down. Connects the town of Rio Marina with the fraction of Cavo, running in a road along the sea on the eastern side of the island.
It is a path that goes to enhance the power of the engines, but also the quality of the pilot who prefers the paths on fast corners and not closed. Asphalt better.

Special Stage 5/8/11/14 - "Monte Perone (14.560 km)
Step 1, theoretical competitor: 17 / 9 hours 11:38 to 15:12
Road Closure: 10:30 to 17:30
Step 1, theoretical competitor: 18 / 9 hours 10:27 to 14:13
Road closure: from 09:20 to 16:20

The most feared special stage.
Monte Perone is considered by many, including anyone who has ever run, the most beautiful and challenging race, and the most feared by all competitors.
Over the years a change has been apported to the beginning, this year we return to another already traveled a few years ago, going to walk to the road that connects Marciana Marina to Poggio, in a stretch that culminates with several bends in the center of Poggio. The last of these (at the restaurant Publius ") has always attracted a large audience. Leaving from the town, the path leads into the road leading to the summit of Monte Perone, rising to 600 meters, passing through curves and bends in a rut with a reduced bone and often treacherous asphalt made from the leaves of many trees that accompany the road. Just before the descending the test continue in another challenging stretch of road, with a mixed initial and fast gives way to a series of tight hairpins that bring the cars to face the crossroads of Accolta, another position that seems made for pupils who will enchant them, surely one of the busiest of the whole rally. The path ends in a very large province that leads to the door of San Piero, who is popular with riders who love clean trajectories.

Special Stage 9 / 12 - "Volterraio (5.780 km)
Step 1, theoretical competitor: 18 / 9 hours 8:28 to 12:14
Road closure: from 07:20 to 14:20

Proof Classic Rally Elba.
A very spectacular and challenging test for the narrow track and many curves is always present in all Rally Elba . The first part is fully upward and quite challenging for the drivers, who will face numerous corners but all fairly spacious, with clean trajectories.
After the climb you deal with a flat section where the drivers are enhanced in quality traits as fascinating as the one that leads the cars in a real "canyon crossing two steep walls near the brow".
The second half of the trial is all downhill with a couple of fast straights that anticipate a series of hairpin bends and very demanding.
The first stretch of asphalt is in good condition, while the mid-on has just been rebuilt.

Special Stage 10/13 - PARADE-FALCONAIA "(11.820 km)
Step 1, theoretical competitor 18 / 9 hours 9:01 to 12:47
Road closure from 08:00 to 14:50

The most beloved.
Another classic test of the Rally of the island, which had been revived in a "lame" in several editions of the 90s and the early years of the decade starting from the Elbe River and going to Cavo, leaving the half of the "Falconaia" that five years was instead "dusted off" in its entirety. Reversing direction, starting just outside Cavo, the organizer also allows pilots to take the corner of the most spectacular rally, what in the jargon Elba called " the Reversal" with a capital letter, just a stone´s throw by the municipality of Rio Elba, after having addressed the first part spaced from a mixture fast enough and closed curves, rather flat. After Reversing the legendary riders face the first series of switchbacks uphill and then downhill, paved version of the legendary Falconaia, leading to the village of Nisporto. The track surface is quite uneven in different parts of the test is where the "handle" makes the difference.

The strong interest in the race was also decreed by the real boom of access to website www.rallyelbastorico.it: from the first September until today has recorded over 150,000 hits and almost 35,000 page views. It is a dynamic meeting place where besides finding all the information that describes the race of this year, runners will have the opportunity to register to the site itself where they could have a space where to put your picture and resume into the sports store drivers available to all users.

Live Internet will be organised also in 2010 as in the last years. You can then watch the race in front of the PC sitting comfortably at home, thanks to the cooperation established with the portal www.rallyrevival.it, who will cure the inclusion of the news in conjunction with the press office.

LOCMAN call it simply a name and a guarantee. "Name" because the brand, born on the island of Elba in the eighties, has settled with the strength and quality in the context of major international brands of watches and fashion. A Guarantee for the Historical Rally Elba is just that: to add the name LOCMAN also to the race for the one of 2010.
Also this year, thus reinforcing the joint with the factory in Marina di Campo, is again the big promotion "clock" that the ACI Livorno Sports Organizing Committee provides as a wonderful memory of the race to anyone who wanted to fine show their love for sports car with an unique and unrepeatable one.
The clock, manufactured specifically for Rallye Elba Storico limited edition of 150 copies will even be personalized with the competition number, by engraving it on the back of the case.

Departure at 21.30 on September 16 of the walking of Marina di Campo and arrival of the first stint, the three sectors, to 23.20. At that competitors will have over two special stages and will then adjust in the night, always provided in Marina di Campo. The next day, Friday, September the 17 will leave at 09.00 to end the day at 16.00 after six other tests. The closing day, Saturday, September the 18, initiate challenges to 07,45 to 15,00 to close permanently, even here in Marina di Campo. In total, the rally so far 476.180 km, 134.230 of which are timed, ie 28.19% of the distance.

Nothing changed regarding the logistics of the rally, the headquarters of the event will stay in Marina di Campo, functional structures at the Hotel Select, which will be held the offices of Clerk of the Course, the Secretariat and the Press.

Locman Italy, Moby spa town of Campo in Elba, Hotel Select, Eni, Ip Bozzi Capoliveri and obviously the Automobile Club Livorno for the 2010 edition of the race will be at the side of the organization confirming their passion sports car and especially for the Rally Isle of Elba.

ACI Livorno ASD Sports
Via Verdi 32 57126 Livorno
tel. 0039 (0) 586 898435
Fax 0039 (0) 586 205937

MGTCOMUNICAZIONE studio - Alexander Bugelli
ACCREDITATION ON LINE: www.mgtcomunicazione.com / accredito.asp.

Source: Press office

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