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The XXII Rallye Elba 2010: incoming news on the stages

11-06-2010 - Archive
From 16 to 18 September next, valid for the European and Italian Historic Rally Championship.
The XXII Rallye Elba 2010:
incoming news on the stages
The classic event on the Island will also find new stimuli for this season for two days of exciting challenges. "Mare & Monti" Trophy will be repeated in twinning with the Rally del Friuli.

Livorno, 11 June 2010

In these days the XXII Rally Elba Storico, the eighth round of the European Historic Rally Championship and penultimate italian event of specialty, is in preparation. Also this year ACI Livorno Sports offers the event, one of the most popular ever in the world, in his classic post-holiday location, from 16 to 18 September next, thereby lengthening the tourist season on the largest of Tuscan archipelago.

Following the great success of the 2009 edition and the strong consensus from fans and professionals (twelve nations represented among the competitors, about 6000 units of recorded movement in various roles in the event), the race will be proposed with some news regarding the route, structured over three days, from the evening of Thursday 16th to the afternoon of Saturday, September 18th.

Competition, thrilling duels with the cars that made the history of road racing and even culture, will again be major characters of the race for which, this year, has worked hard to make it more exciting and fascinating.

In fact, for this rally, whose name is a guarantee of success, ACI Livorno Sports, organizer and promoter of the event, once again provided two special stages for the first portion of the challenges, then planned for the evening of Thursday, September 16th: the "Due Colli" and the "Capoliveri", with this one that comes back thanks to the strong interest shown by the municipality, who asked to join the race. The stage is short and very technical and partly traces the path of the famous old one named "dell´Innamorata".

The second day of competition, on Friday, September 17th, has the novelty of the "Rio-Cavo" just over six kilometers never raced that surely will appeal to many, and the classic stages "Monumento" and "Monte Perone".

The final day, on Saturday, September 18, will propose the same format of 2009 edition, which brought together agonism and safety. In the program there are "Volterraio", the "Parata-Falconaia" and again the "Monte Perone", which is the whole race SS longer, almost fifteen kilometers.

Departure at 9.30PM on September 16th of the promenade of Marina di Campo and arrival of the first stint, three sections, to 11.20 PM. At that time, competitors will have raced two special stages and then will regroup in the night, as usual in Marina di Campo. The next day, Friday, September 17th will leave at 09.00 AM to end the day at 16.00 PM after six other tests. The closing day, Saturday, September 18th, initiate challenges to 07.45 AM to 15.00 PM to close permanently, even here in Marina di Campo. In total, the route of the rally is 473.450 km long, among which 134.230 are Special Stages, (28.35% of the total distance).

Nothing changed regarding the logistics of the rally, the headquarters of the event will stay in Marina di Campo, functional structures at the Hotel Select, which will be held the offices of Clerk of the Course, the Secretariat and the Press.

Locman Italy, Moby spa, the town of Campo nell´Elba, Hotel Select, Eni, Ip and obviously the Automobile Club Livorno will be at the side of the organization also for the 2010 edition of the race, confirming their strong passion for the sport ´s car and especially for the Elba Rally.

The Trophy "Mare & Monti, a name which may appear trivial, has been chosen to show that it is a relationship between two events taking place on two different areas: the sea ("mare") for the Rally on the Isle of Elba, and the mountains ("monti") for the Rally of Historic Eastern Alps.
The purpose of this trophy is, given the cooperation between the two organization committees that lasts since a long time, to facilitate the crews to visit two places and of course to run two races that present features and landscapes completely different, and represent a real completion between them. The prizes consist of facilities on entry fees and, for the winners of each group, of two weekends reserved, one in a Elba and the other in Carnia. One way to advertise tourism in these places through historic cars race, the most refined speciality of sports car.


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