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24-09-2021 19:00 - Press releases


A heated and spectacular duel with the Sicilian Riolo (Subaru Legacy) characterized the entire first stage, which has already known important defections, such as the Valtellinese Da Zanche, "Zippo" and the expert "Lucky".
Excellent performance for the Volpi-Maffoni (Lancia Delta) clubs, third overall.
Tomorrow final day with five other special stages and final arrival in Capoliveri from 17.30.

CAPOLIVERI (Isola d'Elba, Livorno), 24 September 2021 - First stage of challenges, between yesterday evening and today, at the XXXIII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy, seventh round of the FIA ​​European Championship (FIA HSRC) beyond that penultimate act of the "tricolor" race (CIRAS) and double race valid for the A112 Trophy.

From the enormous success of adhesions to the great sport and entertainment offered on the road with this first stage, the step was short, for the race organized by ACI Livorno Sport, which confirmed the "fame" of the rallye as exciting as it is difficult that, after a heated and spectacular dualism, the Sienese couple formed by Alberto Salvini and Giacomo Tagliaferri took the lead in their green Porsche 911 of the second group.

Dualism that also saw the Sicilian Salvatore “Totò” Riolo as a great protagonist, a great admirer of the island race, back with a Subaru Legacy Rs, flanked by Alessandro Floris. Riolo had taken the lead for the first two tests, when Salvini had in any case given signs of wanting to attack decisively and so he did, moving to the top from the third test and then seeking the extension on the Sicilian of Cerda, for now in command of the fourth grouping. Riolo complained about set-up difficulties that didn't make him perform as much as he wanted. The third absolute position in the stage was won by the Elban crew Andrea Volpi and Michele Maffoni, who reappeared on friendly roads with a Lancia Delta Integrale 16V, exploited to the best of its ability, without errors and without difficulties of any kind.

The early stages of the rally have removed two "names" that could have moved the race, such as the Valtellinese Lucio Da Zanche (Porsche Carrera), stopped by a "touch" and a broken axle shaft during the first test and also the expert “Lucky”, stopped by the oil pump breaking during the third, when he was close to the podium (in fourth place), having constantly suffered set-up and tire problems. Among the "names" of the continental challenge, the Norwegian crew Jensen-Pedersen (BMW M3) also left the scene, who raised the white flag due to mechanical problems during the third round, in addition to "Zippo" -Arena (Audi Quattro) , put out of action by a "touch" in the second test.

The duels in the other groupings are also interesting: in the first, Nicola Salin has the situation in hand, with Protta at the notes (Porsche 911 S) having a large margin over Antonio Parisi and Giuseppe D'Angelo (Porsche 911 S), who has above all in consideration the scoring of points for the category in the continental category race. Salin in turn ran with gearbox problems. In the third group, as regards the European race, the Austrians Wagner-Zauner (Porsche 911 SC) are in command, ahead of Mauro Lombardo, with Rosario Merendino (Porsche 911 Sc), despite the latter having reported clutch difficulties. The second position, up to the penultimate test was for the other Austrians Putz-Putz (idem), behind in the standings coinciding with the last chrono. In a tricolor key, Lombardo always commands, in this case in a close fight with the same car of Beschin-Migliorini.

Returning in a local key, with the drivers always very followed, the good performance of Montauti-Adriani stands out, protagonists from the very first stages of the race with the small Peugeot 205 rallye, but also Galullo-Calandriello (with the same type of car) note. As well as Pierulivo-Neri, Opel Kadett GSi. Unlucky Massimo Giudicelli (VW Golf), limited

In the A112 Abarth Trophy (which historically disputes two stages on Elba as if they were two separate rallies) great pace, with the Umbrian Giorgio Sisani and the Sienese Christian Pollini in the lead with decision after three tests, with a good margin over Baldo-Marcolini.

The two "regularity sport" (VIII Regularity Sport) and "medium regularity" (XXXIII Elba Graffiti) competitions also started this morning, the latter qualifying for admission to the final phase of the "2021 FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies ".

This year is a special edition. It was that of no longer having Elio Niccolai, the "father" of the race, who suddenly passed away on May 14th. Orphaned of its founding pillar, as such it was of the ACI Livorno, the historic Rallye Elba has continued its tradition of the invaluable human, sporting and technical heritage that Niccolai was remembered at the start with a minute of meditation, with many who evidently they got excited.

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 September, the second and final stage, which will move the rallye to the western part of the Island of Elba, meeting on the famous Monte Perone. Exit from the night reorganization from 07:50 and arrival at 17:30. Another timed 68,800 km are planned, certainly capable of expressing many other beautiful sports stories and endless technical topics.


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