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Ten more days of registrations open for the race, until Saturday 11 September, for the famous race organized by Aci Livorno Sport with the convinced contribution of the entire Elban community.
On the calendar from 23 to 25 September, it has confirmed the validity for the FIA ​​European Championship for historic cars and for the Italian Championship.
Also on the program are “sport regularity” and “average regularity”, essential appointments for lovers of the discipline, in addition to the A112 Abarth Trophy, the “Memory Fornaca” and the Michelin Historic Rally Cup.
The course was designed with nine special stages, a track as always inspired by tradition capable of making anyone who accepts the challenge fall in love with.

Livorno, 01 September 2021 - Ten more days, until 11 September, of open registrations, for the XXXIII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy, scheduled from 23 to 25 September, the seventh round of nine of the FIA ​​European Championship (FIA HSRC ) and also seventh and penultimate round of the “tricolor” race (CIRAS).

The work around the organizational direction of Aci Livorno Sport, together with the Elban community, around this event, an unmissable event which, in addition to ideally closing the summer season on the Island of Elba, is a "must" not to be missed for those who run with historic cars and also for professionals.

On the program there are also competitions of "regularity sport" (VIII Regularity Sport) and "medium regularity" (XXXIII Elba Graffiti), the essential appointments for lovers of the discipline, in addition to the pleasure of having the A112 Abarth Trophy at the start, the Memory Fornaca and the Michelin Historic Rally Cup.

This edition will be special. It will be that of the orphan of Elio Niccolai, the "father" of the race, who suddenly passed away on May 14th. Orphaned of its founding pillar, as such was the ACI Livorno, the historic Rallye Elba will be strong in the teachings that Niccolai has given over the years, an invaluable heritage that is now well in the hand, in the heart and in the mind of it. legacy, Aci Livorno and Aci Livorno Sport. From now on the mind and heart look ahead, both for this event and for the "modern" to keep alive the memory of this figure and above all by carrying on the commitment that Niccolai himself had made many and many years ago with sport and with the Island of Elba, to make a unique and priceless territory even bigger with motorsport.


The Rallye Elba Storico is one of the best known Italian races in the world, which is why every year ACI Livorno Sport always works hard to give new stimuli and encourage the participation of drivers and teams. Three days of challenges have been conceived again, with a total of 9 Special Stages, "historic" routes, which have seen exciting and epic sporting feats on more than one occasion.

The course, of course, is derived from tradition, for this year special stages have been taken from the 2020 and 2019 editions, a mix certainly of indisputable technical value. For the first stage we have chosen to walk the streets in the eastern part of the island, for the second we will focus on the central-western area, therefore around the famous "Monte Perone", a choice certainly inspired to make the sporting comparison fascinating and compelling. but also and above all so as not to be too invasive with the territory and not to give difficulties to the daily life of the territory.

The Rallye has 133,350 competitive kilometers, which is 30.04% of the entire distance which is 443,940.

Here are the scenarios where the competitors will find themselves dueling:

Special Stage N. 1 - "CAPOLIVERI INNAMORATA" (KM. 7,490)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 23.09.2021 at 21.24

The start of the Capoliveri 2021 Special Stage has been moved out of town to have fewer crowds of people. Precisely it will be in the locality of “Innamorata”, and the road to Capoliveri will be covered in the opposite direction compared to the last edition, this time uphill. The special stage is 7.490 km, the shortest of the entire race, but it is extremely technical and with a high degree of difficulty. The urban stretch does not allow any respite to the pilots and their navigators and the continuous succession of curves keep the speed low, the variously bumpy ground and subject to variations in inclination puts a strain on the mechanical means, and being at night the degree of difficulty still increases

Special Stage N. 2 - "VOLTERRAIO-CAVO" (KM. 27,070)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 09.24.2021 09.26
Special Stage N. 3 - "BAGNAIA-CAVO" (KM. 18.570)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24.09.2021 at 12.26
Special Stage N. 4 - "NISPORTINO-CAVO" (KM. 11,420)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24.09.2021 at 15.26

The longest Special Stage of the race starts from Rio Elba and arrives in Cavo passing through Nisporto and Bagnaia, after more than 27 kilometers of curves and hairpin bends with a constantly changing surface, it resumes the "piesse" designed by ACI Livorno Sport for the first time in absolute in the CIR 2018 race. The route is obtained from the union of the three historical tests, the Volterraio-Falconaia-Parata.
Made possible by collaboration with local administrations, given the important impact, it is proposed as a Special Stage that puts the endurance of the drivers and cars to the test. Precisely for the intrinsic characteristics of this wonderful road. The points of interest are many: from the end of Volterraio, to the hairpin bends of the Falconaia up to the passage around the church of San Pietro in Rio Elba. In this way, the "pilot" really makes the difference.

Special Stage 5 "DUE MARI" (km. 22,480)
1st competitor theoretical passage: 25/9/2021 09.18
Special Stage 7 "SAN PIERO" (km. 13,740)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 25/9/2021 at 12.56
Special Stage 9 "PERONE" (km. 9,720)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 25/9/2021 at 15.55

Aci Livorno Sport this year also proposes the variation of the usual direction of travel of the Monte Perone tests. The three tests have in common the central section, the most "tough" one, between the crossroads of the Accolta and the town of Poggio, almost 10 kilometers of intense emotions for those who will face them in the race. The route is very selective and complex, climbs and descents, challenging terrain that changes constantly, hairpin bends, there is really everything. The stretch from La Pila all'Accolta is only covered by the "Due Mari", it concentrates several uphill bends in a few hundred meters before crossing the village of Sant'Ilario to rejoin, at the crossroads of the Accolta, the Test of San Piero whose first kilometers are a bit more linear but no less demanding. A few hundred meters later we also find the start of the "short" trial of the Perone, which is held on Saturday morning. Three different departures but also three different arrival locations, given that the Due Mari after facing the Provincial Road of "Civillina" ends in Buonconsiglio (where the start of the test was in previous editions), the "San Piero" ends one kilometer about before the Lavacchio junction, passing through the center of Poggio, while the "del Perone" trial ends right in the center of the same town, a few tens of meters after the double bend of "Publius", one of the main points of attraction for spectators together with the crossroads of the Accolta. The most demanding part of the route develops in some treacherous sections due to the ground often made dirty by the foliage, between curves and hairpin bends in the midst of dense vegetation. Reversing the sense of the test, Aci Livorno Sport once again wanted to renew a historic and wonderful route to always give priority to the safety of the drivers and the public.

Special Stage 6/8 - "DUE COLLI" (KM. 11,430)
1st competitor theoretical passage: 25/9/2021 at 10.22 and 13.52

Born from the union of two stages that have made the history of the rally, those that ride the Monumento Hill and Reciso Hill, with varying altitudes and asphalted surfaces. The S.S. begin in the locality of Filetto and then take the provincial road of the Monument, it is a fairly fast uphill road up to the top of the hill, the powers in this section will play an important role. The road begins to descend on a good asphalt up to the hamlet of Lacona. Here the test leaves the provincial road and affects a stretch of the route within the same hamlet with a narrow carriageway and sudden changes of direction, with the asphalt that tends to get dirty. The SS in the final part enters the via del Colle Reciso, with a steep and ascent up to the Reciso quarries where a chicane is located, to continue in a mixture from the bottom with good grip with challenging curves until the end of the PS overlooking the Portoferraio bay.

From 2011 the general logistics moved to Capoliveri, finding a functional and extremely exclusive location and strong of these assumptions ACI Livorno Sport designed the 2021 edition with nothing changed as regards the logistics: the Headquarters of the event is confirmed, in Capoliveri, at the functional and exclusive facilities of the Hotel Elba International, an exclusive location overlooking the Gulf of Porto Azzurro, where the Race Direction, the Secretariat and the Press Room will be organized. The Service Park area will also be organized in Porto Azzurro.

As usual, this year's edition is designed for the entire island, to give value to the territory but above all "for the territory", of which it favors the image, communication and also the economic impact with emotional tourism, the one brought to the Island by the event itself. The times of each end of the stage have been studied again in order to make the island of Elba and its beauties live more and more to the competitors, in such a way as to tangibly combine sport and tourism, taking advantage of the pleasant - and still long - September days.


Thursday 12.08.2021
Entries opening

Saturday 11.09.2021
Entries deadline

Wednesday 22.09.2021
15: 00-22:00 Reconnaissance

Thursday 23.09.2021
09: 00-17:00 Reconnaissance
11: 00-16:00 Technical checks and punching session for tires and other components
20:00 Departure Ceremony
21:00 Departure of Leg 1
22:20 Entrance to Regroupment 2 - Park Fermé

Friday 24.09.2021
08:30 Exit Regroupment 2
17.15 End of Leg 1 - Park Fermé

Saturday 25.09.2021
07:50 Departure of Leg 2
17:00 Final arrival and award ceremony


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