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Capoliveri (Island of Elba-Livorno), 22 June 2022

Ten special stages, three days of racing, iconic roads. The rallye is served. And what a rallye! It is the XXXIV Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy, scheduled from 22 to 24 September in one of the places par excellence of road racing, known all over the world, the ISLAND OF ELBA.

Eighth stage of the FIA ​​European Historic Rally Championship and seventh of the eight appointments of the Italian Historic Car Rally Championship, in its classic location at the end of the summer it will return to inflame the Italian and international scene by proposing again the Elban roads, also including the Regularity competitions. Sport and Regularity in Media, the "Rallye Elba Graffiti", also in this case unmissable appointments, appreciated for years by the best performers of the two specialties.

It will be an edition of strong changes, that of the two thousand and twenty-two, for the race, while maintaining the inspiration of tradition, a factor that at ACI LIVORNO SPORT, the organizer, knows well how to keep it alive and that will certainly satisfy the competitors, professionals and even the most demanding enthusiasts.

Capoliveri will remain the venue of the competition, with the headquarters always located in the exclusive context of the Hotel Elba international, with the departure and arrival in the center of the country, while the course will unfold over three days of challenges.

The big news of this edition will be the Service Park planned for the first time in Rio nell'Elba, an initiative strongly desired by the Municipality of Rio. Precisely for this reason the program of the two stages will be completely revolutionized compared to the recent past in terms of succession of special stages. The first leg will in fact affect the western part of the island and the second one will instead be in the eastern part.

Departure on Thursday, 22 September, at 20:00 and immediately the competitors will go to challenge each other with the charm of darkness, with the 7,240 kilometers of the "Capoliveri" test, which will re-propose the route seen in 2020. The first stage will continue then the next day, Friday 23 September with the classic but revised routes: it will start with the "Monument" (Km. 12,430) in a new version, starting from Norsi, then there will be the "Colle Palombaia" (Km. 16,310) starting from the crossroads leading to Cavoli / Seccheto with a new first part, before joining the road to Monte Perone. The stage also includes the “Due Mari” (Km. 22,340), in its classic development towards Marciana. Arrival of the stage at 17:05.

The final day of Saturday 24 September will start at 08:30 and includes the "Innamorata" test (Km. 6,630), that was never done in this version in the "historic race" on Elba.
This will be followed by the classic “Volterraio-Cavo” route (Km. 26,940), the longest stage of the rally, which will see a mythical road returned to the rally, which has remained unusable for some time due to works. It will be in its classic version. For the final lap the stage will be modified with the only “Volterraio” (Km. 5,680) and with the “Bagnaia-Cavo” (Km. 18,440). The tests will be interspersed with a regroupment in Rio Marina, for which a buffet will be organized for the competitors. Final arrival, again in Capoliveri from 16.20.

The total distance timed will be 135,070 kilometers out of a total of 448,510.

As already indicated, the race "triples" its offer, with the XXXIV edition of the Rallye Elba Graffiti for the "Historic Regularity Rally" and the IX Historic Regularity Sport. Other validities, now "traditional" are those for the Memory Fornaca, for the A112 Abarth Trophy and for the Michelin Historic Rally Cup. To these, for "Regularity Rally" only, the NORTH-CENTER HRR was added this year. SLAM which also includes the Liburna Cup and the Attilio Bettega Cup.


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