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XXVI Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: tonight the competition starts

18-09-2014 18:00 - Archive
Capoliveri (Isola d'Elba-Livorno), 18 september 2014

XXVI Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: tonight the competition starts

95 the starting vehicles that from tonight will challenge each other until saturday afternoon.
Also this year a special philatelic stamp was created.

Today XXVI RALLYE ELBA STORICO-TROFEO LOCMAN ITALY starts its engine. The whole island is embracing his rallye, eligibile as twelth Leg of the FIA EUROPEAN HISTORIC SPORTING RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP, and eighth Leg of the CAMPIONATO ITALIANO RALLY AUTO STORICHE (Italian Historic Rally Championship).

The competition starts tonight with the first two stages, out of the eleven foreseen, that will mark out the weekend of the biggest island of the tuscan archipelago, an event that combines sport, culture and an exciting motorsport history.

Not only the Rallye with its 95 vehicles, but also the "Graffiti", eligible for the FIA TROPHY FOR REGULARITY RALLIES, fifth Leg of the Championship of the eight foreseen, the "1° HISTORIC REGULARITY SPORT", without official titles, the "TROFEO MEMORIAL NINO FORNACA", the "TROFEO PORSCHE MICHELIN - COPPA RALLY STORICI" and the always spectacular "TROFEO A112 ABARTH". 13 the nations present: crews coming from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland and Hungary.


ACI Livorno Sport designed the 2014 edition to consolidate the high offer of the previous editions. The track is more condensed, especially the timetable, in order to let everybody live as much as possible the island and its beauties. This especially for the territory, to promote its image, its communication and also to help the economical fallout of the emotional tourism, which is brought on the island by the event.
Moreover, while designing the three days of competition it was decided to develop it in the same manner throughout the whole island, both to strengthen the will that the event "belongs" to the whole island and also because the organisers want to create the least possible discomfort to the residents.
Nothing changed compared to the three previous editions, with regard to logistics: the headquarters of the event is confirmed in Capoliveri, functional facilities at the Hotel Elba International, exclusive location that admires the Gulf of Porto Azzurro, which will host the Race Direction, the Secretariat and the Press Room.


Competition, emotional duels between the vehicles that made the history of road racing and culture. These have always been the inspiration for the race for which, also this year, it has been worked with passion in order to make it fascinating and challenging.
ACI Livorno Sport foresaw again three days of competition, with 11 Special Stages, on average all longer than the past, offering an even higher quality track. They're all "historical" special stages, that saw great motorsport achievements. In all, the Rally is 469,370 km long, of which 135,040 km of special stages, which means 28,80% of the total distance; who wants to stay in the car and feel the duel with the clock and the other competitors will certainly be gratified.


Tonight at 19.00, the Crews will start from Piazza Matteotti in Capoliveri and will immediately run to special stages, the "Falconaia-Bagnaia" and the "Capoliveri". Than the crews will enter the night Parc Fermeé from 22.30. The Second day, friday 19 september, the competition will restart at 8.15 and foresees four other special stages, with end of 1st Leg at 16.10, always in Capoliveri. The day after, saturday 20 september the grand finale, with other five special stages: the Leg will start at 8.30 and end always in Capoliveri at 15.40.


After the great success of the previous edition, the special philatelic stamp has been proposed again and will be available from saturday 20 september. A dislocated Post Office will be present in Piazza Matteotti, Capoliveri, where you will find a lot of material for your collection: not only the philatelic stamp but also special postcards and a folder completely dedicated to Rallye Isola d'Elba.

Locman Italy, Moby/Toremar (Official Carrier of the Event), Eni, Acqua dell'Elba, Hotel Elba International, Comune di Marciana, Comune di Rio nell'Elba, Comune di Capoliveri, Automobile Club Livorno will be also for the 2014 edition by the side of the Organisation, confirming their strong passion for the motorsport and particularly for the Rallye Isola d'Elba. Moreover, confirming that the race is part of the entire island, the Municipality of Marciana, where the regroupment of Procchio will take place, will offer a buffet to the Competitors.


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