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XXVI Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: the first Leg in the hands of Riolo-Floris (Audi)

19-09-2014 19:30 - Archive
XXVI Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: the first Leg in the hands of Riolo-Floris (Audi)
Entertainment and agonism in the first part of the Rallye, with the Sicilian who tried
immediately to lengthen its stride after have took the lead last night despite problems with his hydroguide.

Tomorrow the grand finale, with five other special stages.

The first "defections" important concerned "Pedro" (engine) and "Lucky" (drive shaft).

Available from tomorrow the special cancellation stamp for the rally, a "treat" for collectors

It is the Sicilian Salvatore Riolo, flanked by Alessandro Floris, on a Audi Quattro A2, the leader of the XXVI RALLYE ELBA STORICO - TROFEO LOCMAN ITALY, who lit the engines last night and finished the first Leg in Capoliveri today in the afternoon. The twelfth round of the FIA EUROPEAN SPORTING HISTORIC RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP, as well as the eighth of the CAMPIONATO ITALIANO AUTO STORICHE (Italian Rally Championship For Historic Cars) has launched the great challenges with the stopwatch without suffering moments of suspense and entertainment.

After the first skirmishes started last night even with the SS "Capoliveri", today the caravan of 95 competitors who started regularly gave us inside in all the events are timed, not to miss even the first shots of the scene. After winning the first stage "Lucky"-Pons (Lancia Rally 037) have thrown in the towel on the second for a broken driveshaft, just before "Pedro" (Lancia Rally 037) retired for the difficulty of overheating the engine and also Luigi Zampaglione (Porsche 911) had raised the white flag for a power breakdown.

No initial problem instead for Riolo, who took the lead and then try to take off with the third special stage (the first one today), when the fog has lifted and it rained a bit, the eclectic Sicilian driver suffered then the hardening of hydroguide system, in spite of which has been able to keep up with opponents on edge. Then, he still had to suffer with the same problem during the fourth round and the next fifth, after which he was seen to overtake the lead from Brazzoli-Valmassoi on their Lancia Rally 037.

The leadership of the driver from Cuneo was short-lived: in the six and last stage the reaction of Riolo ready arrived after he solved the problems that had put him on his knees: he made his attack then closing the first Leg with 11"6 ahead of Brazzoli, and he was also first of the Category 4. Third, to 18 "2, it is now for the course Marc Valliccioni, with Marie Cardi, at the start of a much admired Renault 5 turbo (first of the Category 3).

Nicholas Montini, winner in the 2013 edition, is fourth overall on a Porsche 911 RSR and is the leader of Category 2.

The race showed off a considerable bagarre, threatening and spectacular at the foot of the podium of Category 3 with Giuliano Calzolari, fast and acrobatic with his Ford Escort RS, especially opposite to Valliccioni. At the end he finished fifth overall ahead of the Porsche 911 of Lucio Da Zanche.

In the first group the provisional leader is Luigi Capsoni, with the Alpine A110 and for the joy of local and always passionate audiences, there was a remarkable performance by Elban Riccardo Galullo, on its yellow Fiat 128 Rally, with which have completed the first Leg in 24th place overall.

In the Trofeo Abarth A112, the last round of the series with the two Legs that are two distinct races to score, Giorgio Sisani won race 1.

The XXVII Elba Graffiti - Trofeo Locman Italy, eligible for the FIA TROPHY FOR HISTORIC REGULARITY RALLIES and 1 Historic Regularity Sport are starting after the rally, exalting in comparison to the hundredth of second, even with secret average checks on the route.

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 20th the grand finale, with a further five timed sections: the challenges will start at 08.30 and the checkered flag, always in Capoliveri, flown in from 15.40 hours.

The special cancellation stamp
After the great success of last year, one of the 25 years of the Rallye, it is done for an encore. The special cancellation philatelic stamp will be available from tomorrow Saturday, September 20. A post office seconded the Italian Post Office will be deployed in Piazza Matteotti in Capoliveri, at which it will be possible to obtain material for collection: over the cancellation stamp, commemorative postcards and a folder dedicated to the Rallye Elba Island will be available.

Source: Press Office

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