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XXIX Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: the scenery of the SS

26-08-2017 09:00 - Archive
NUMBER 02 - Livorno, August 25, 2017

XXIX Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: the scenery of the SS

The race, from 21 to 23 September, is also scheduled for this year which comes from the tradition with the addition of some variants from the past edition.

Also scheduled is Sport Regularity race, an indispensable appointment for disciplinary experts.

There are ten Special Stages, in a path designed for agonism and at the same time conceived to make live better the island to the participants, and not to be too invasive in the territory.

Entries open from August 10, closing on September 9th.

They run fast, the days separating from the start of the XXIX Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy, scheduled 21, 22 and 23 September, its constant location for years in the post-vacancy period, perfect to promote the lengthening of the tourist season on the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago.

It will be the seventh event of the European Rally Championship and the penultimate of the Italian Championship, and besides these official validity will be the "Regularity Sport", in addition to an exclusive Porsche gathering, the A112 Abarth Trophy, the Michelin Historic Cup and the "Memorial Fornaca".

The event is already in its "hot" phase, the registrations are open from 10 August last, and will close, by settlement, on Saturday September 9th.

The classic, indispensable, rendez-vous proposed by ACI Livorno Sport is therefore preparing to renew its marriage with the sport, presenting itself on the Italian and international scene with a partially modified path, obviously inspired by the tradition of an event that every year knows a unique edition.

They are already well-known tracks, already obviously ran in the long history of the island´s competition, but are especially exciting, exciting racing roads, just as it was the first time.

Here, in detail, the special stages:

SS 1 - "DUE COLLI" (km 12,29)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 21/9 - 19:48

Born by the union of two stages that have made the history of the rally, those that ride the "Monumento" Hill and the "Reciso" Hill, is divided into several parts with altimeters and varies asphalted variables. The first part, which begins in the Filetto area and then leads to the provincial "Monumento", is a fast-paced road to the top of the hill, which highlights the powers of the engines. Then, the road begins to descend on a good asphalt to the fraction of Lacona. The Trial then leaves the Provincial Road to engage in a trajectory of the same part of the same fractions that outline a first fast part and a second tight and challenging, with asphalt that gets dirty.
Before ending the "Due Colli" enters the Reciso street, with a steep but fast climb before the final downhill, in a mix from the big grip. Just after the rubbish will be created a chicane to slow the cars at a particularly fast point.
Apart from the first meters in Filetto and the crossing phase of Lacona, the asphalt is good.

Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 21/9 - 21:40

Following the renewed interest of the Municipal Administration of Capoliveri and seen the success of recent editions, it is replicated for the sixth consecutive edition of the town stage, which since 2010 makes it live to pilots and spectators strong emotions, which only the rhombus of the engines succeed to arouse.
The novelty for the 2017 edition is that the Stage will start in front of the headquarters of Municipality of Capoliveri, then will cross the town center as usual, touching the main square, crossing the narrow streets of the country and forcing competitors to sudden climbs and curves blinds with no pitfalls at the edge of the road where the slightest driver error can cost .
The special, extremely technical and high-difficulty test is the shortest in the Rally with its 4.90 km and the lowest average running speed. The urban stretch does not allow any creeps to crews because of the continuous success of curves and to aggravate the fatigue, the fundamentally disjointed or subject to tilt variations, all at night to increase the degree of spectacularness of the event.

SS 3 "DUE MARI" (km 22,52)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 22/9 - 09:22
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 22/9 - 13:11
The two Stages share the first 4 km. around, in Buonconsiglio and the Monte Perone Road for 10 km. about intense emotions for those who will face them on a racing car. The path is very selective and complex, uphill and downhill, continually changing bottom, a series of very demanding downhill bends, there is really everything. It starts from Crocetta, just above the sea level, on a road that is insidious due to the reduced track, not very winding except for a couple of really demanding curves. The Probation at the Lavacchio crossroads are divided: the "Two Mari" runs along the Civillina road, a challenging stretch with lengthy and brisk slowdowns, while the "Buonconsiglio-San Piero" crosses the village of Poggio. The audience is expected to be numerous at the curb of "Publius", in the center of Poggio. The two trials at this point come together on the Provincial road of "Monte Perone", rising up to 630 meters of altitude, in a very slow and insidious stretch for the often dirty surface of foliage between curves and bends on a reduced track in with a dense vegetation. After the neck, the Trial goes down quickly, engaging the drivers with an early fast mix that leaves room for a series of tight torn-ups that will bring the cars to face the intersection of Accolta, another position that seems to be made to accommodate the broad public. Here the two SS separate again by approaching distinct routes, and while the "Due Mari" crosses the village of Sant´Ilario before ending in a street stretch with six spectacular ending curves, the "Buonconsiglio" ends in a descent, more linear, but also this with some spectacular curves and a beautiful panorama on the south coast of the island, to the town of San Piero. In both cases, the descent concentrates over 500 meters in altitude in a few kilometers.

Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 22/9 - 11:12
SS 6 - "PARATA" (KM 9,82)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 22/9 - 15:01
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 23/9 - 9:18
SS 9 - "VOLTERRAIO" (KM 5,79)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 23/9 - 12:11

Cavo-Volterraio (SS 7), made possible by the collaboration of the local administrations, with its 26 km. and beyond is the longest stage of the Elba Rally. SS 4 and SS 6 start at the same point and then share the initial part. SS 9 shares the last stretch.
It Begins from Cavo on a challenging journey, not too fast but with a fund that changes often until it reaches the point known as "The Reversal", and enters the legendary road of Falconaia, where pilots face a spectacular series of upward climbing bends, reaching about 320 meters altitude, then downhill alternating from small straight and bottom with great grip, with a height difference of about 290 meters in just over 4 km. downhill, then entering Bagnaia. Crossing the village, the test joins the "Volterraio" (SS 9), a spectacular test as well as challenging for the narrow track and the numerous curves. The first part is quite uphill and quite demanding: the riders will face numerous curves but all are fairly large with clean trajectories to continue in one of the most fascinating glimpses of the rally, which leads the cars to a real and its own "canyon", a street stretch that passes through two steep walls leaves some shudder even to those who have been in the race for many years before jumping to Rio Elba in a descent, "tough" at the right point for the braking systems.
There are many points of interest, first of all the Rio Elba Reversal, Falconaia bends and Volterraio canyon, but in any case the public will have a wide choice of points to enjoy the show.
It´s the test where the "handle" makes the difference.

Special Test 8-10 - "LACONA" (KM 9,49)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 23/9 - 10:33-12:54

"Lacona" has in common with the "Due Colli" the stretch inside the resort from which it is named Try until the arrival at Casa del Duca, crossing the Reciso hill. The first 4 km around are different starting from Norsi, a stretch of race that is carried out on a road without special altitude altitudes, with a continuous series of slow enough curves that break the rhythm as being very different also as a bottom, until then arriving at the fraction of Lacona with a natural chicane at the junction.

The ten Special Stages will be 136,900 kilometers, which is 33.47% of the total distance that is 446,580.

Thanks to the wide consensus obtained since 2011, when general logistics moved to Capoliveri, ACI Livorno Sport has drawn the 2017 edition, ready to consolidate the high quality offered in past editions.

As a custom is an event that has been conceived for the whole island and for its territory, which favors the image, the communication and also the economic relapse with the emotional tourism, from the event itself.

To give the most immediate example, last year, thirteen were the nations represented by race crews and over 8,000 units around the registered movement of the present with various roles at the event last year.

Nothing has changed compared to the previous four issues with regard to Rallye logistics: the Headquarters of the event is confirmed at Capoliveri at the functional and exclusive facilities of Hotel Elba International, exclusive location overlooking the Gulf of Porto Azzurro , where will be organized the Race Direction, the Secretariat and the Press Room.
A revamped look, however, but not too much, that will surely be appreciated by those who will run, who will have ahead of him a Rally ready to convey those vibrant feelings that only a competition on the Elban roads is possible to feel.

The Rallye Elba Storico will start in the evening of Thursday, September 21st: from 19.00, competitors will descend from the ramp in Capoliveri, Piazza Matteotti, and will immediately face up the "Due Colli" (12,290 km) and "Capoliveri" (Km 4,900), in the classic circuit in the town. Then, crews will enter the night regroupment from 22.00

The second day of the race, Friday 22 September, which will resume at 8.30, provides for four more specials, with a final day at 16.00, always in Capoliveri.

The next day, on Saturday, September 23, the big finals, with four more stretches: the challenges will start at 08.30 and the checkered flag, always in Capoliveri, will flutter from 14.00.

The timetables of each end of the two legs have been studied for this edition in order to make life more and more to the participants in Elba and its beauties, combining in a concrete way sports and tourism, exploiting the pleasant - and still long - september days.

Locman Italy, Moby / Toremar, the Municipalities of Capoliveri, Marciana, Rio nell´Elba, Porto Azzurro, Rio nell´Elba, Rio Marina, Portoferraio, Campo Nell´Elba and Marciana Marina, in addition to Eni, Bardahl, Gigoni, Uliveto, Conad Nocentini Group, Acqua dell´Elba, Sales, Sara Assicurazioni, Bulky Soft, Autoparts, Banca Cras, 3A Barontini, Elba International Hotel and of course The Automobile Club Livorno also for the 2017 edition of the race will support the organization with their strong passion for the motorsport and in particular for the Rallye Elba Storico.

The 2016 edition of the race was won by "Pedro" -Baldaccini, with a Lancia Rally 037.


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