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XXIII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: The new location will be in Capoliveri

18-07-2011 20:30 - Archive
From 22 to 24 September next, as usual valid for the European and Italian Historic Rally Championship.
XXIII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: The new location will be in Capoliveri
While maintaining its identity for the entire island, the race will find new ideas with traditional logistics magazine in large part, maintaining a tradition, a path of high quality.
The program also includes the "Elba Graffiti", a must event for experts regularly this year looks to the future and a significant presence Ferrari.

The period preceding the holiday has long been the classic one, it seems ideal to return to motor racing to speak of the island of Elba. In the specific historical rally. The appointment calendar is to mark in the XXIII Rallye Elba Storico, the seventh round of the FIA ​​European Historic Rally Championship and the seventh Italian. The classic, indispensable rendezvous proposed by ACI Livorno Sport - organizer and promoter of the event - one of the most popular ever in the world, will race in his classic post-holiday location, this year 22 to 24 September next.
It will do presentations on Italian and international scene with a new look while keeping intact their characters, those that are specific to a place, the Island of Elba, in the eyes and mind of all the scenario seems more appropriate and unique to a motorsports event of this magnitude.

Following the great success of previous editions of the shares, also a strong consensus is achieved by competitors, as well as fans from that of professionals (twelve nations represented among the competitors, the movement around 6000 units registered with several of these roles at the event last year), ACI Livorno Sport does not rest on its laurels, but has since September last year he began to work in the future, with the mind at this 2011 and the result will have a decidedly new role of the event, which will change its headquarters, its driving force: the historic location of Marina di Campo, in fact, the rally will move to Capoliveri, have been staged last year by a special test which is transited in the country.
Already last March at the "Rallye2 Elba" was suggested this change, which finds its inspiration in wanting to make the Rallye Elba Storico, one of the highest manifestations of motoring titling not only regional but national, as a larger event to whole Elba, for which also favors the extension of the tourist season, bringing tourism. Behind this race, in fact, there is a history, an important link with the people and the entire island as well as sport. A report made up of feelings and passion, with an affection so strong that over time has increasingly indicated that the event should be "all". So, Marina di Campo will remain an integral part of the race with his involvement with the exclusive presence of Ferrari, which will have events in their own right even if integrated in the program of the event.

Competition, exciting duels with the cars that made the history of street racing and also culture, will again be the inspiration of the maximum for which the race again this year, you worked hard to make it even more exciting and fascinating. In fact, for this rally which the name alone is a guarantee of success, ACI Livorno Sport, has once more provided a three-day challenges, with a total of 14 special stages. Paths are "historic", which saw more than one occasion, high-impact sporting feats.
It will start on the evening of Thursday 22 September: from 20.00 in Piazza Matteotti in Capoliveri competitors must compete immediately with two special stages, among which there will be a short "Capoliveri", arrived in great demand in 2010 due to strong interest shown by the City, who asked to join "the race", certainly a prelude to this edition, in which the country has the burden and honor of hosting the headquarters. The test is short and very technical and partly follows the route of the famous old test "Innamorata". Then, competitors will enter the regroupment for the night starting at 22.20.
The second day of competition, Friday, Sept. 23, which will leave at 08.00, provides for another six special stages, with the final day at 17.03, always in Capoliveri. The next day, Saturday 24 September, the grand finale, with a further six timed sections: the challenges will start at 07,45 and the checkered flag, always in Capoliveri, flown in from 16.35 hours.
In total, the rally so far 516.880 km, 147.580 of which are timed, ie 28.55% of the distance.

To confirm what the game is appreciated, here come the trophies, which in the field of historic rally cars are more and more followed. Elba island it will run three, all very exciting: The A112 Abarth Trophy (for which benefits are provided for registration), The Challenge Launches Historic Challenge el´Opel 2011 HP 2011.

Missed opportunity on the roads of the island, Elba "Graffiti", namely the regularity race, will be observed this year special. It will be a sort of experiment to evaluate certain non-remote possibility of joining in 2012, the European Championship of "regular media," the new frontier of the discipline, in which, to do list were passing controls, controls stamp and tests defined "precision" on roads open to normal traffic, which must be maintained on an average, not always the same, from time to time established by the organization of the race.

Do not miss anything really, the 2011 edition of Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: from logistics to a new dream journey, regularity, until the presence of the prestigious Ferrari brand. It will be the 3rd edition of "The Ferrari Elba," the concerted action together with the Ferrari Club of Italy to Elba will play a regular tests of your trophy: the fantastic cars "of the little Horse" will be re-present to "paint" - in red of course - the island of Elba, to the delight of the eyes and ears of many fans.

Locman Italy, Moby SpA, Eni, Ip, Livorno Province, Capoliveri, Municipality of Campo in Elba, Hotel Elba International, and of course the Automobile Club Livorno for the 2011 edition of the race will be on the side of the organization confirming their passion for sports car and especially for the Rally Isle of Elba.


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