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The XXIII Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy is ready to turn the engines with a full of entries

16-09-2011 17:30 - Archive
PRESS RELEASE NO. 04 - Livorno, 16 September 2011

It promises to be a sporting and mediatic high-profile event.
The XXIII Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy is ready to turn the engines with a full of entries
149 total entries, 114 for the Rally and 35 for the "Graffiti" to make express the compliments by national and international motor racing to the Organizers.
All the great players of the season in the Continental and Italian specialties answered the calls of ACI Livorno Sports.
Great expectations for the meaningful participation of Ferrari.

The XXIII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy, the seventh round of the FIA European Historic Rally Championship and also the seventh of Italian specialties, achieved a first and important step. Even before the start flag flying. These are busy days for the organization of ACI Livorno Sport, with the race, scheduled for next September 22 to 24, next to its beginning. It is to make sure that every detail is in place, that logistics is the better prepared, that the roads do not present any problems at last time and, above all, is to pull the budget at the close of entries.

On this last topic, the Rallye Elba Storico 2011, his first success, as indicated in the opening, it has achieved: to have a list of members who, in contrast with the economic situation and also considering the large crowd the calendar national and international sport, is to talk about records.
They are in fact 149, the total entries in the competition, divided into 114 for the Rally and 35 for the "Graffiti" very important issues, just released yesterday with the publication of lists of subscribers. These are figures that immediately made express the strongest praise for his work by the motor field, as it has been proposed, announced and confirmed for the edition that is about to go to the scene of one of the most respected and even loved rally in a global context.

With satisfaction and pride was also expressed by the Automobile Club Livorno, as owner of the "brand" Rallye Elba, inspired by decades of some of the biggest events in motor racing and not just national. The Rallye Elba brand has deserved "DOC label" over the years, as befits only those who produce excellence. As in this case.

Certainly the news of the relocation has given a strong interest in more input than in previous years, proposing a new scenario for the Rally Elba: Capoliveri, that have been tested last year by a special stage which is transited in the city. This year the rally has moved organizing here the headquarters, thus leaving the original site of Campo Marina and at the same time confirming the inspiration to want to an event to be developed for the territory. For which evidently favors lengthening the tourist season, bringing a lot of emotional presence on the island thanks to tourism, that following the event.
Behind this race, in fact, the binding of the race with the people and the territory is strong and significant: the relationship is made of feeling and passion, a love so strong that it has increasingly made clear year by year that this is an event "for everyone".
Returning to the race, it is expected, therefore, a dispute of high level for sporting and historical interest, stimulated by the presence of three trophies, which in the field of historic rally cars are more and more followed: the A112 Abarth Trophy, the Challenge Lancia HF 2011 and Opel Historic Challenge 2011.

Competition, exciting duels with the cars that made the history of street racing and even culture, are still the cornerstones of the race. For this rally, whose name alone is a guarantee of success, ACI Livorno Sports has once more provided a three-day challenges, with a total of 14 special stages. Paths are "historic", which saw more than one occasion, high-impact sporting feats.
It will start on the evening of Thursday 22 September: from 20.00 in Piazza Matteotti in Capoliveri competitors must compete immediately with two special stages, among which there will be a short "Capoliveri", arrived in great demand in 2010 due to strong interest shown by the City, who asked to join "the race", certainly a prelude to this edition, in which Capoliveri has the burden and honor of hosting the headquarters. The stage is short and very technical and partly follows the route of the famous old SS "Innamorata". Then, competitors will enter the regroupment in the night starting at 22.20.
The second day of competition, Friday, Sept. 23, which will leave at 08.00, provides for another six special stages, with the final day at 17.03, always in Capoliveri. The next day, Saturday 24 September, the grand finale, with a further six SS: the challenges will start at 07,45 and the checkered flag, in Capoliveri, flown in from 16.35 hours.
In total, the rally so far 523.550 km, 147.580 of which are timed, ie 28.19% of the distance.

The eligible vehicles are defined in three categories, as defined by the International Sporting Code:
  • Category 1: Road legal cars built between 1 / 1 / 1931 and 31/12/1957 and Touring and GT cars, model homologated between 1 / 1 / 1958 and 31/12/1969,
  • Category 2: Touring (T), Competition Touring (CT), Grand Touring (GT) and Competition Grand Touring (GTS) cars of Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4, models homologated between 1/1/1970 and 31/12/1975,
  • Category 3: Touring (T), Competition Touring (CT), Grand Touring (GT) and Competition Grand Touring (GTS) cars of Groups 1 2, 3 and 4, models homologated between 1/1/1976 and 31/12/1981.

Also Period J1 cars (homologated from 01/01/1982 to 12/31/1985) will be accettable, but only without being eligible for points for the the European Championship, as follows:
  • Group B - over 1600cc and / or forced induction.
  • Group B - up to 1600cc. (Included)
  • Group A.

Another indispensable event, on the roads of the island, is Elba "Graffiti", a regularity race, that will be specially observed this year. It will be a sort of experiment to evaluate certain non-remote possibility of joining in 2012, the European Championship of regularity rallies, the new frontier of the discipline, in which passing controls, controls stamp and regularity tests on roads open to normal traffic, which must be maintained on a well defined average, will contribute to make the classifications.
Again, the organization gives a sign of strong consideration to the "regularity", teaching for the first time a special prize at 1st crew in the overall classification among whose that will use only manual timekeeping equipments. It will be a come back to some years ago, when the technology had not yet taken hold, as today, of the specialty.

Do not miss anything really, at the 2011 edition of Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: from logistics to a new ideal journey, regularity, until the presence of the prestigious Ferrari brand. It will be the 3rd edition of "Le Ferrari all´Isola d´Elba," the concerted action together with Ferrari Club Italia that in Elba will play a regularity test of their championship: the fantastic cars "of the Prancing Horse", that will start from Capoliveri too, will again be present to "paint" - in red of course - the island of Elba, to the delight of the eyes and ears of many fans.

A custom. For sports fan and watches collectors. And this is the first word that comes to mind talking about the exceptional partner initiative of the race, LOCMAN ITALY, even for 2011 edition of "his" rally involved the construction of a watch branded "Rallye Elba" a unique "piece" that will be possible to buy, on reservation, to always have the rally and the passion, to the wrist.
The ferment for the race is also confirmed by the strong interest shown by fans, and also watch collectors, for which a few exemplars are still available for sell. Stakeholders can contact ACI Livorno Sports at the phone numbers listed below this press release.

As just happened in 2009 and 2010, also for the 2011 edition the Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy will have its own live direct on internet by the specialized website www.rallyrevival.it. During the competition days will be possible to follow the race "live" with news, interviews and trivia, along with many photos that will be took during the special stages.

Locman Italy, Moby Spa, Eni, Ip, Provincia di Livorno, Comune di Capoliveri, Acqua dell´Elba exclusive essences of a unique land, Hotel Elba International for the 2011 edition of the race will be on the side of the organization confirming their strong passion for sport car and especially for the Rallye Elba.


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