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Entries now open for XXIV Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy

06-08-2012 10:30 - Archive
The begin of the Event, scheduled next 20 to 22 September and valid for the European and Italian Rally Championship for historic cars is getting closer.

With the new of the inclusion of "Graffiti", which is celebrating his 25 years, in the FIA Trophy for Regularity Rallies, the race of the biggest Tuscan island for this season will find new stimuli for three days of exciting challenges.

Provided some interesting changes to the route, with the "permanence" confirmed in Capoliveri.

The identity of the race is on Facebook and Twitter

Livorno, 6 August 2012

With today´s the day the XXIV Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy, once more provided with basic Capoliveri, September 20 to 22 next, is entering its decisive phase, with the opening of entries, period of up to arrive Friday, September 7. It ´s all ready, then, at the Automobile Club Livorno, who through ACI Livorno Sport has once again set up a high-level event, what should worthily celebrate the twenty-five years of the "Graffiti", the regularity race was born a year before the rally, an event will know that this year an even larger thanks to a very important international eligibility.

The XXIV Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy will be the tenth round of the twelve of the FIA European Historic Rally and the penultimate of ten that make up the Italian Championship and Historic Car Rally in addition to the sporting character, the race is almost always essential vehicle of image for tourism on the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago. For Elba, in particular, favors the lengthening of the season with appearances "emotional", and then linked to the event, which counts every year about 7000-8000 units and more than ten nations still represented among the competitors. Competition, exciting duels as those which have shaped the history of street racing and even culture, are again the remarkable signs of XXIV Rallye Elba Storico for which the staff have worked with passion and commitment to make it even more fascinating and exciting.


No more only two, but three. As the number of official titles for which the 2012 Elban events will be eligible: the European and Italian Rally Championships for Rally Elba Storico, and the FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies, for the first time, for "Elba Graffiti".
After the experiment of 2011 asked specifically by the F.IA. to arrange a regularity rally, in fact this year, on the occasion of his 25th edition, the Graffiti (born a year before the Rally Elba Storico) will be the seventh round of the 11 scheduled for the European Trophy.
This specialty is an evolution of classical regularity, certainly with more agonism.
The rankings are determined based on the performance of the competitors on the regularity test sections where wins who is more accurate in respect of the hourly averages, not always equal, established from time to time by the organizers, which will arrange even surprise checks along the route.


Faithful to its inspiration that always tries to give added value to the event, the Organizing Committee has redesigned part of the route, to make even more exciting the challenge, to prevent it from becoming granted, although granted on the roads of Elba there´s never anything. The days of competition once again will be three, with the scheduled departure from Capoliveri at 20.00 on Thursday 20 September. Competitors will face the first news running across the "Parata-Volterraio" (km. 14.260), two names of stages that alone are linked to myth and that together they will make ... great stuff. It has never been ran, and will certainly be appreciated by the fans of Elban race. Starting from Cavo, the crews will run the "Parata" up to Rio nell´Elba and from there they will fit in the second part of the stage ("Volterraio") towards Magazzini, admiring, in the downhill, the Gulf of Portoferraio. The other novelty is the introduction of "Poggio-La Pila" (km. 15.500), very similar to the "Due Mari" as ran until the 1980s, with the transit inside the village of Sant´Ilario and characterized by some spectacular downhill hairpins in the last part.

A location so exclusive, so fascinating will catalyze the attention all round the world of historic rallies. Why even this year the Rally Elba Storico will be eligible for some important trophies, which will certainly give value to the event. There will be the Trofeo A112 Abarth, the "Trofeo della Regina" ("of the Queen"), dedicated to the Lancia Fulvia HF, the "Trofeo Fiat 127", in addition to Challenge Rally Autostoriche 2012 and the Challenge Italia 2012.

As already mentioned, the start will be from Capoliveri at 20.00 on Thursday 20 September, and after the "Parata-Volterraio" the crews will race the spectacle stage of Capoliveri (km. 4.760), repeated for the third year in a row by popular demand, and the arrival of the first part of the race is scheduled at 23.07, when the competitors will enter the nocturnal regroupment.

The following day, Friday 21 September will resume the first leg: from 08.30 at 16.42, the crews will duel on four more stages, "Parata-Nisporto" (km. 12.140) that in the second round will be shorter, in the "Parata-Nisportino" version (10.300 Km) and the "Monte Perone" twice (14.250 Km).

The closing day, Saturday 22 September, will start at 08.30 and will see to wave the checkered flag at 16.40, once again in Capoliveri. Crews will face up again the "Parata-Nisporto" (km. 12.140), then on the already mentioned "Poggio-La Pila" (km. 15.500) and on the classic "Monumento" (km. 5.900) a total of 508.330 km rally so far, of which timed 137,040, namely 26.96% of the entire distance.

Nothing changed, compared to the 2011, regarding the logistics of the Rally, the event´s Headquarters will remain in Capoliveri, at the functional facilities of the Hotel Elba International, exclusive location that faces the Gulf of Porto Azzurro and where will be organized the race direction, the Secretariat and the press room. This year, the Hotel will be even more integral part of the race, as it will host the first regroupment of the event, expected Thursday 20 September after the first special stage, at 22.22.


Since mid July the Rallye Elba made ​​his entrance into the world of social media, with the creation of dedicated identity on Facebook Twitter and which have the information function and also interactive with the many admirers of the race, with which it a search dialogue to share a common passion.

Locman Italy, Moby Spa, Comune di Capoliveri, Eni, Ip, Acqua dell´Elba and of course the Automobile Club Livorno also for the 2012 Edition of the race will be at the side of the organization confirming their strong passion for automotive sport and especially for the Rally on Elba Island.


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